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Lotta Ericson and Linda Paganelli started Freedive Dahab in 2004 and, together with Jacques de Vos,
Freedive Cape Town in 2010. From 2011 both these companies became part of FREEDIVE INTERNATIONAL (FDI). Linda and Lotta have been living in Egypt for many years, which has allowed them to freedive daily and develop their freediving skills to a world class competitive level.

Both Lotta and Linda are national record holders in several freediving disciplines and Lotta is also a former world record holder. They started teaching freediving in 2003 and have since then advanced to Instructor Trainers. Jacques is a competent SSI and AIDA instructor and a talented award winning Underwater Photographer.


Freedive International provides all range of SSI and AIDA courses from beginner to instructor level, we sell and rent equipment from the beginner to the professional level, we organize several international competitions, record attempts and Freediving events every year in Dahab and if requested, anywhere else.

NEW!!! We are now also in Thailand!!

linda, lotta and jacques


Freedive Dahab - Freediving